ҵ grounds on a beautiful sunny day


ҵ students have access to several libraries on and near campus.

The Leeper Library

The Leeper Library, located on the ҵ Parkville Campus, provides resources, information and assistance for students from all three divisions of the college: Residential College, Pathways School and Theological School. 

The Leeper Library is also available to: 

  • current teachers, tutors and other staff
  • members of the Anglican clergy of Australia
  • approved researchers from outside Trinity College (by appointment)
  • students and staff of the University of Divinity.

Our librarians collaborate with ҵ's lecturers and tutors to provide resources needed for students to complete their studies.

For more information about the library and borrowing, see the .

Opening hours

The Leeper Library is staffed from 9.30am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Residential College students can access the library at any time using their swipe cards. This includes evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Contact the Library

Leeper Library
100 Royal Parade
Parkville 3052

library@trinity.unimelb.edu.au | 03 8341 0298

Special collections

In addition to the academic and general collections, the Leeper Library houses rare books, illuminated manuscripts, and several special collections.

Books about ҵ

One prized item is Trinitiana, a collection of works by and about ҵ alumni that reflects the wide diversity of interests, experiences and achievements of former students and staff.

Old and rare books

The Leeper Library is listed in the Australia’s Book Heritage Resources Project (ABHR) inventory:

  • two books printed before 1501
  • 331 items printed before 1801, including 28 pre-1640 titles and 75 pre-1700 titles.

In February 2014, Ian Donaldson and John Batt co-authored a fascinating article on volumes of literary interest in Trinity’s early collections – including some of the College’s rare and early Bibles and Books of Common Prayer. Full article here

Books on Anglicanism

The Mollison Library contains material relating to Australian Anglicanism, in particular Anglicanism in the state of Victoria. It contains 19th and 20th century church newspapers, including a complete set of the Church of England Messenger (1850-1966), biographies and Diocesan yearbooks.

The Library also holds special collections of papers of prominent Anglicans. These include the personal papers of Archbishop Frank Woods, the Reverend Dr Barry Marshall and the Reverend Dr Kenneth Henderson. The collection of Bishop Perry, first Bishop of Melbourne, is also notable and reflects his interests in reformation theology, history, geography and travel.

Music scores

The Library has specialist music score collections donated by Professor Peter Dennison and Australian composer Moneta Eagles.

Leeper Library information for Theological School students

As well as its general reference and textbook collections, the Leeper Library holds three special collections relevant to Theology: the Mollison Collection of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne; the Leeper Collection; and the Anglican Special Collection. These collections include standard theological works and the set texts for the Ministry Formation Program

The library also provides access to a wide range of electronic resources of special importance to online students of the Theological School. The collections have a strong focus on works relevant to the Anglicanism, as well as on liturgy, spirituality and missions. 

The library also holds modest paper holdings of current periodicals; subscribes to significant full-text services online; and includes a comprehensive collection of early Church journals and Australian Anglican official publications. 

Theological School students wishing to borrow from the Leeper Library will need to have a ҵ ID card. Please enquire at the Administration Office of the Theological School.

The Dalton McCaughey Library (DML) for Residential College and Theological School students

ҵ Residential College and Theology School students have access to the (DML), at the Centre for Theology and Ministry at 29 College Crescent, a few minutes' walk from ҵ. 

The DML holds a world-class research theology collection. ҵ was a founding partner in its establishment as a joint theological library for students on the Parkville campus. 

Enrolled students will need a University of Divinity ID card to borrow from the library and this can be obtained from the Administration Office at ҵ Theological School.

The Library Hub (at the University of Divinity) for Theological School students

The provides access to an extensive range of online resources including academic resources, library special collections and a range of general and subject-based LibGuides.

All ҵ students are entitled to access and borrow from the , access the , and to receive a University ID Card. This can be used to borrow from all associated libraries, but students will have to register at each library before they borrow for the first time.