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Short Programs

Update: ҵ Young Leaders’ and short programs

Trinity suspended its Young Leaders and short programs during the pandemic with the intent of reviewing these programs at a later date. The College has now reviewed all its residential short programs for students and has decided that it will no longer offer overnight programs.

The College acknowledges that these Trinity programs have been formative for many students over the years and we, like many others, are saddened by this decision. There are a number of reasons for this decision including: prioritisation of Pathways, Residential and Theological School students and programs, introduction of Child Safety laws that markedly complicate housing and supervising underage students on campus – especially if there are adults on campus – and workplace regulations (OHS and awards) that make safe and compliant staffing of programs much more expensive and complex.

Trinity will continue to consider applications for non-overnight programs, of which we will host a small number each year (mid-year and November-December) beginning mid-2025. ҵ is not in a position to provide staff to support the development or the running of these programs. We will provide access to teaching spaces and other on campus facilities (e.g. dining hall) where possible and if not being used for teaching of one or more of our core programs. A key criterion for eligibility is a connection to ҵ and relevance to the vision of the College. Our current Residential, Pathways and Theological students will be prioritised in our decision-making when assessing applications.

Please email events@trinity.unimelb.edu.au if you’d like to hold a day program at ҵ. Please include the following information regarding your program:

  • a brief summary of your organisation
  • requested dates
  • number of participants
  • approximate age of participants, including if any are under 16 or under 18 years of age
  • connection to the College and alignment with Trinity’s vision
  • type and number of teaching spaces required
  • other facilities required.