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Campus Development Projects

At ҵ, we’re constantly working to ensure our students and staff have access to the highest standard of teaching and living facilities

With the Trinity Dining Hall under construction, the Pavilion was erected in 2022. 

Current project: Kitchens precinct redevelopment

The redevelopment of the College’s Dining Hall and surrounding areas (known as the Kitchens Precinct) was motivated by the opening of 'Dorothy' in 2020, a residential building accommodating nearly 100 extra students on campus. The Kitchens Precinct redevelopment began at the end of 2022 and aims to modernise our facilities, ensure we can accommodate all students and staff in the Dining Hall at once, and refresh the Vatican Lawn area and connection with Dorothy.

The new Dining Hall is scheduled to open in mid 2024.

Maintaining the Dining Hall’s historic atmosphere is a key component of the expansion project to ensure one of our most treasured parts of ҵ is preserved.

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Other campus development projects

Other campus development projects that we’ve undertaken at ҵ in recent years include:

  • Dorothy Jane Ryall residential building was opened in 2020 on our Parkville campus to accommodate up to 100 students. Dorothy includes state-of-the-art facilities, including a student study/common area, a gym, music and art rooms, office space and a two-storey Junior Common Room with a balcony. The building is surrounded by lawns and shaded courtyards, where students can relax or study.  to learn more about 'Dorothy'. 
  • construction of the Gateway Building, a state-of-the-art teaching and learning space primarily used by our Foundation Studies students and also used by Residential College students for tutorials
  • within the Gateway Building, construction of a space to showcase rotating exhibitions, the Professor Sir Joseph Burke Gallery
  • significant landscaping, tree planting and lawn resurfacing using drought-tolerant plants and grass
  • installation of 800,000 litres of in-ground water tanks to store harvested rainwater, which is used for watering the gardens and grounds, and flushing toilets in several buildings
  • refurbishment of all student rooms, bathrooms, laundries, tutor apartments and corridors in our residential buildings using ecologically sustainable design initiatives
  • addition of a new Theological School wing and renovation of the adjoining Old Warden’s Lodge (OWL)
  • installation of two new substations on the Parkville campus, as well as other infrastructure improvements
  • upgrade and extension of the Behan car park
  • temperature and humidity-controlled collection storage
  • installation of a humidifier in the Chapel to protect the organ
  • extensive signage upgrades.